Smart SCADA for Smart Water Management

As new technology creates new ways of gathering and analyzing data, automated water systems are becoming much more robust and intelligent. Status Enterprise offers a powerful SCADA/HMI solution for water processes in today’s data-driven world. Monitor and control treatment, distribution, irrigation, desalination - any and all key operational data can be transformed into actionable information at your fingertips; a complete, modern water process management system.

Your Status Enterprise Information Model provides structure and organization to your process data, allowing you to integrate data from multiple sources and create intelligent, highly functional visualizations that empower faster, better-informed decisions and reveal new opportunities for optimization and growth.

Use real time and historical trends to analyze and anticipate needs. Configure alarms to detect abnormal conditions. Integrate data from multiple channels and customize your solution according to your specific goals. And Status Enterprise is designed to grow and change with your processes, ensuring that you always have the solution you need when you need it.

Status Enterprise allows you to improve production efficiency and quality, reduce the cost of maintenance and operations, improve safety, and easily expand or modify your system when needed.

Status Enterprise System Architecture

Status Enterprise System Architecture

Organize your production, distribution, and asset data. Connect any number of devices or databases. Visualize your data on nearly any device – including smartphones and tablets. Optimize your processes and reveal new opportunities.

Whether you are working with sanitation systems, water utilities, municipalities, distribution, filtration, desalination, remediation, or all of the above, Status Enterprise offers unmatched power and sophistication to take your project to another level.

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